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It's no secret that some people make huge profits from their websites. But how do they do it? That's the secret. We're going into a new era with this Internet marketing. The only way to make money used to be to get educated and then get a job. But nowadays we also have the opportunity to earn money at home with the help of a website. And isn't it tempting? To be your own boss, never having to argue with collegues or answer phone calls from angry customers...
The techniques of the pros have taken years to develop. But they have made these techniques available to us mortals so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

How to make money from websites

There are many ways to make money from a website. The quick way would be making a site like The Million Dollar Homepage and just take the money and run. Or building a site just for the fun of it and seeing it bought by a big company for millions of dollars. These options, however, are quite unlikely to happen. Sure, you can try to make a site like that but our tip is: Go for a strategy that you know will work as well! You're probably going to need multiple money making websites anyway.
How to earn money for sure
So, we want a safe tip, right? Well, basically, there are two ways where you don't have to sell your own products. One is by affiliate marketing and the other is by putting up Google Adsense ads. From past experience we have come to realize that you shouldn't consider affiliate marketing unless you have a lot of traffic. With adsense, however, you can start making some money even with a small amount of visitors.

The design isn't very important. Just make the site easy to navigate with a clean interface. Focus on content.
Affiliate marketing website
Like we just said, affiliate ads should only be put up in case you have a lot of traffic to your site. At least 100 a day, or the whole thing would probably be a waste of time. Lets do some math: Out of 1000 visitors, how many do you expect to buy something from an ad placed on your site? How much would you get from each sale? And finally, how much does that make you per day? Do a rough estimation. It might seem hard, but try anyway. You need to figure out whether it's worth doing affiliate marketing or not. You could start doing Adsense and then switch to affiliate ads after a while.

There are two basic types of affiliate marketing. Either you're trying to hard sell a product or a series of products through your website. A great tip in this case is to try in advance to find out what people are already interested in buying. What Google searches do people do with the intention to buy? Doing a Google Adwords campaign is strongly recommended in this case.

The other type is having a site about something that interests people and then putting up affiliate ads that relate to the target group that the visitors belong to.

Earn money from a website with Adsense
You can make money with Adsense even if you have very little traffic. It goes without saying that you won't make a lot of money if the amount of visitors is low, but it can still be fun and rewarding. Why not put up a lot of sites? The most important thing is for these sites to be keyword rich. That way they will both generate more traffic from websites and create more relevant Adsense ads.

Regardless of what kind of website you're making, there is one thing that we can't stress enough: You will need unique content in order for the search engines to like your website. Do a website about a topic that you love and know a lot about.

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